So, how are we different from Wordpress?

Not every client needs a fully-blown Wordpress site to help them grow, nor does every client have the budget! 

With the Smart Little CMS, you can add professional websites to your service offering and provide the complete marketing mix. Create a beautiful and customised mock-up site in 5 minutes, email it to your client and get the ball rolling. Smart Little Web will be the right solution for many clients, but not for all.

Take a look below to see which option might work best for each client.


Scenario #1

Your client needs a website that will directly generate revenue or deliver some kind of functionality for visitors. For example, this can be pure e-commerce shopping sites, membership sites, online training courses, directories, villa rentals. In this case Wordpress can deliver all of these things, and you will need to engage with a developer to piece together all the various technology and plugins.

Your client will need to provide a detailed functional specification in order for the developer to assess the work and determine the cost.

Scenario #2

Your client needs a website to increase customer enquiries or leads. In this case, the main value will come from the messaging and positioning of the client, the stuff that you do.

So Smart little web offers a simpler solution, that you stay in complete control over. In fact, the CMS system is so simple, lots of our marketers find they're able to easily show their clients how to make updates themselves.

Compare the options


Smart Little Web


Build cost You set the price Your web designer sets the price
Copywriting cost Included in the build On top of the build
Ongoing cost £10 - £20 / month £5 - £50 / month
Ongoing tech support FREE £50 - £100 / hour
Client updates Simple, you stay in complete control & are easily able to show your clients how to make updates themselves Depends upon the WP implementation, but usually more complex. Your designer may offer training at an extra cost
Professional design You choose from a built in gallery of responsive design filters, which you can change easily or re-style at any time Your designer chooses a template and your client pays for it
Customised design You can customise the design within the constraints of the design filter, at no extra cost Your designer can make it look any way you like, the more complex the change the more time & cost
Changing design You can switch to a new design filter any time Once you have chosen the template and the customisations have been made any changes will cost extra
Integrated functionality Integrate with external services for booking, newsletters, social sharing etc. Choose from massive choice of plugins, installed by your designer at an extra cost
Advanced functionality In built search, membership areas or full blown e-commerce sites are not possible Plugins installed, configured and customised by your designer make anything possible at an extra cost

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