Who do we listen to? Our top 3 favourite marketing podcasts to learn something new. Every single day.

on Wed 9 Mar

For most professional marketers, reading books and being able to keep on learning new things is something we all really enjoy and value, but sometimes you just don’t have the time in the day to pick up a book and start reading. Sometimes you’re just too tired to even take in anything you’ve read!

But there is another great way to learn, and that is by listening to podcasts. You can listen to these little gems on your iPhone anytime of the day, but I suggest listening to them whilst driving to work, walking the dog (or cat) or at the gym. You could search for any kind of topic or skill that you want to know more about, for example SEO, email marketing or social media.

There are tonnes to choose from that you can save to your phone and listen to later, but I’ve rounded up our top three favourites to listen to here at Smart Little Marketer:

'Online Marketing Made Easy' by Amy Porterfield

You could say that Amy Porterfield is a kind of marketing ‘celebrity’ of the podcast world, and she does really know her stuff. If you’d like to learn more about building lead magnets, writing great marketing copy or growing you or your client’s mailing list, she is definitely the lady to listen to.

Amy is also known as the ‘Facebook Marketing Guru’, so just by listening to her weekly podcasts you can effortlessly stay up to date on Facebook’s ad offerings and features.

Check out Amy’s podcasts

'The Art of Paid Traffic' by Rick Mulready

Rick’s a super successful entrepreneur, but what’s great about his podcasts is that he’s not shy about sharing his secrets. Like Amy, he’s somewhat of an internet marketing celeb, but he specialises in paid promotion across all of the most popular social media sites.

Even better, you don’t really have to know much about social advertising to begin with as he puts out plenty of podcasts for total beginners, so you can quite literally learn a new skill from the ground up - from landing pages, to ad copy, to targeting.

Listen to Rick’s podcasts

'The Digital Marketing Podcast' by Daniel Rowles & Ciaran Rogers

Lastly, these guys have a more varied approach, they like to talk broadly about new trends happening across the marketing world, interview experts on the subject and talk about the latest tools in social and marketing to help you become more efficient. I recommend searching for the podcast on your phone and selecting the episodes on the subjects you’d specifically like to learn more about.

Listen to the Digital Marketing Podcast



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