What should you keep in mind when building an online shop?

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on Fri 6 Feb


Building an online shop - what platform requirements do you need?

The term omnichannel ultimately refers to the opportunity today’s consumers have to purchase goods in many different ways. Smartphones and tablets in particular have extended the world of consumer buying habits - and in turn many independent retailers have been able to reap the benefits.


To achieve success in an omnichannel world, each channel has to work perfectly. Reflect the retailer brand in a professional and accessible way, and deliver on the expectations consumers have of their retail experience.

So, let’s look at one of the core channels in today’s real-time world: the retailer’s website.

The omnichannel report published by Deloitte in 2014 highlighted some interesting stats, they’re worthwhile keeping in mind:


31% of consumers visit a store before making an online purchase. But this doesn’t have to mean the loss of a sale. As well as considering promoting the website in-store (perhaps by offering online discounts) ensure the website is able to be viewed on any mobile device so that the customer is able to easily find the product they liked when in-store and make the purchase.


34% of in-store purchases follow online research. So, it works both ways. Make sure your website is integrated effectively with what’s available in-store. Give the option to reserve or even buy online to then collect in-store so you can retain the interest garnered during the browsing stage.


20% of online shoppers don’t like to wait for delivery or pay for it online. Yup, you read right. Some people just don’t want to buy online - but they do want to browse, so again, if you give the opportunity for them to reserve an item so they know it’s in store when they make the effort to visit, you’ll slowly build a loyal fan base of local customers.


But what if you don’t have an offline store? And/or perhaps you attend events to showcase your products? It’s OK. You can still capture online interest and make the ultimate sale if your website offers the opportunity to reserve online and collect at an event or other place.  It shouldn’t be difficult to do this, but you do need the right platform to help.


Finally, there’s no point having a website if it’s not easily found online. Look for a platform that not only easily enables you to input key search terms, but also includes automatic search optimisation capability. Every little helps.

Key criteria - make sure the platform provides:


  • In-built responsive design - does the website work well across any device (without the effort of having to work with a mobile plug-in)?
  • The option to reserve online (no payment)
  • The option to print or email a shopping list
  • The option to collect from an event
  • The option to Click and Collect (payment taken)
  • The option to allow consumers to collect from events you may attend
  • Advanced and automatic search engine optimisation capability

Guess what? The Smart Little Web platform includes all of these


Good luck! And know we’re here if you have any questions. If you are interested, we do offer more information about our online shop features.



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