We've caught a few stories on how best to achieve online business growth

on Fri 19 Dec


Capturing online business

In a Twitter post on Monday, we flagged a BBC story saying that Brits are spending more online per head than any other country.

A report by Ofcom had been released that talked through their research into online spending and other digital channels such as Smart TVs and digital radio. Interestingly, we read that social media use is declining – an important factor for small and local businesses trying to capture customers through social networks. The focus for online spend is starting to move firmly back to the website.

And have you ever hit the shops but whilst there looked online to see whether other retailers might have a better deal, more stock or more variety?

Make sure your business is competing in the right way with an up-to-date gallery, and offering reserve online, click-to-collect or even home delivery options.


Content over design

With 2014 being seen as the year of Content Marketing, it’s unsurprising that there are so many articles looking ahead to 2015 with predictions on what we can expect.

It’s finally being understood that it’s content, not design, that drives awareness and – in our world – stickiness with a website. Customers are more likely to have loyalty with a business they can engage with.

So, from ensuring that you maximise the true opportunities of integrating with social media channels to extending the content beyond a website, what are your plans for 2015?


Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has seen a big increase during 2015, but sometimes all that’s needed for a small and local business website is that it can be viewed across all sorts of devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and not just desktop PCs.

But what can we learn from 2014, and what are the trends for mobile and commerce as we move from 2014 into 2015? We’re certainly going to keep a look-out for the Apple Watch!


And that’s it for now. Please do follow us on Twitter for other articles we find of interest during the week. Have a great weekend!


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