The power of Design Concepts: One website, 4 different ways.

on Mon 22 Feb

When you start working on a client website project, you’ve probably got a list of topics to include, copy to polish and a few other key things to help structure your site.

A lot of the time you already know a great-looking website when you see one, but actually getting to that point when you’re doing it yourself can be the real stickler. You’re the expert on WHAT to put on a client site to make their business boom, but the design can often be left as an annoying afterthought.

Smart Little CMS takes away the headache of design. It puts the focus on your great content, and makes it look good no matter what.

But do you know just how powerful the Smart Little CMS design editor really is?

We’ve used a mock-up Nutritionist site that you may already be familiar with, and tried it in five different themes to show you how easy it is to make your great content look unique in so many different ways.

Website design for simplicity


So here’s our mock-up Nutritionist site, already looking professional in the theme ‘Wilde’. We love this theme for its simplicity, it puts the focus on the content and the imagery, but for some clients this might be a little too plain. So next we tried on a much more visual theme, ‘Da Vinci’.

Website design for defining or building your brand



You can see how this already looks like a completely different site! With a great background image and a colour co-ordinated menu, we’ve easily created a strong brand look in seconds. Particularly useful for those clients who might not already have one.

The slim ‘menu’ style content box makes Da Vinci a great theme for visual impact, especially if your client is lacking on content.

Website design for maximising your written content

Next up is Picasso (are you noticing a theme here?). Picasso’s a little more professional, with a lot more plain space to fill up with engaging content about your client’s services, about page, fees and more.


Just like Wilde and Da Vinci, it has identical content and images, but Picasso lets you focus on selling effectively and is best suited for a larger amount of text content.

Website design for compelling imagery


Finally, Eno, takes visual to a whole new level. Eno’s trademark introduction style, a beautiful full-screen image and menu overlay, is both eye-catching and memorable. Eno also lets you display your introduction images as a full-screen gallery, and is the absolute first thing your customers will see before scrolling down to reveal the content.

Visual design vs. content focused website design

Ensuring your site looks just as great as your copy sounds doesn't have to be a time-consuming part of your project, the more you familiarise yourself with the power of the design editor the more you'll be knocking out mock-ups in no time. Hopefully these four examples will show you just how easy it is to create variation within your sites, and maybe even start experimenting with different design filters or widening your portfolio to bring on more clients.

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