So, it's the year of content marketing?

on Thu 8 Jan

What’s the plan Stan?

Meaningful content, pictures and posts are three of the five tips provided by Digital Marketing Land to support success in small business through social media and if you combine these ideas with another five ideas focused specifically on content marketing as part of your January plan of action, it looks to us like you won’t go far wrong.  

Our favourite content marketing predictions for 2015 can be found on Mashable – in fact, we liked it so much we’re including it here even though we tweeted this article last week (are you following us on Twitter?)

But a thought-provoking viewpoint on Search Engine Watch raises the point that ultimately, content without marketing is just content - –and too much noise means you’re even more lost in the crowd. It’s important not to forget the execution when planning the creative to make sure that any investment reaps the right reward.


It’s not just about outbound marketing

Hot on the heels of buzz-term content marketing is that of inbound marketing. We hear of the large corporations starting to reap the benefits of the sophisticated tools at their fingertips. But what of the rest of us? How can we achieve the same success?

There are definitely inbound marketing trends to keep an eye on and naturally, with a passion for responsive web design, we definitely endorse the importance of mobile optimisation. If you’re going to be focused on content, make sure it can be found and seen in all the right places. It never fails to amaze us when we come across businesses taking the time to engage with customers online, but haven’t got a website that can be viewed properly on any device.


And finally… if you’re right at the beginning of your content marketing planning, have a read of this helpful article on ideation in content marketing. We like the easy checklist and back-to-basics fundamentals.


So that’s it. Seems the only thing to say this time is, ‘happy reading’!


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