SEO 101 - what else to keep in mind?

on Fri 20 Mar
We’re keeping with the SEO 101 theme and looking at ways to increase SEO that are simple for anyone to implement. We have two further thoughts for you to consider.


Partnering with other sites.

Google Search will prioritise sites it believes are most relevant to a search term.

So, make sure you look as relevant as possible to the field that you’re in. This is not only down to the copy on your site but Google also looks for relationships your site has with other websites to determine your relevance.

It helps Google to build a picture of where you sit within your context.

SEO Solution:

The best way to support this is to have what Google might consider an ‘authoritative site’ include a link to your website. So, find an industry body or a relevant directory and check if/how you can have your site listed on theirs.


Make sure your site is focused.

There are businesses that offer more than one service. But unfortunately, this can cause confusion and distill your messages for your customers and Google.

Different audiences will be searching for different services and will be focused on just the one. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense that you might then lose them as a website visitor if your website messaging is too diverse.

SEO Solution:

Consider having a landing page. A dedicated place for each service that only talks about that specific service. It can then link through to further relevant information on the main site.

And that's it for now.

We hope this helps - please do read our other blogs in our SEO 101 series. And if you’re a Smart Little Web customer, just contact us via your site’s workshop if you have any specific questions on this!



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