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on Mon 22 Sep

When Deloitte released new research (Deloitte – The Omnichannel Opportunity report 2014) I took a look. You can read it too it's here.

The thing that struck me was the heavy lean towards large retailers and online only retailers, but what they were saying made so much sense for independents. Facts like 31% of consumers visit a physical store before making an online purchase seem to me as relevant if not more so for independents.

The good news is that the research shows some great opportunities for real-world retailers to take the inside track on web sales. I'll pull out some of the key findings over the coming weeks and post them here.

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Consumer behaviour is changing, the lines between online and offline are becoming blurred. Smartphones and tablets are in part driving this as consumers look to combine real world shopping with access to the web.

This new trend is called Omnichannel Retail.

If you are a local independent retailer unsure about whether to venture into online selling, this report walks you through the opportunity, what you may need & and some of the options for setting yourself up.

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