Happy New Year!

on Fri 2 Jan

Happy New Year!


We’re very excited that it’s 2015. So much lies ahead for Smart Little Web.

This year will see us extending our customer to those that support small and local businesses achieve a big voice – aiding new revenue streams and fast-tracking website creation.

The American Express Small Business Barometer earlier in 2014 highlighted that 50% of UK small business have an aspiration to diversify or look for new business opportunities – let us know if you’re one of these and whether we can help!


But what else is in store for 2015? We’ve had a look through the news to find what trends are anticipated, and how this might affect our customers.


The first comes from the BBC in a technology predictions article, published today. Technology might not be the field that you or your clients are in but with consumers and B2B interaction relying so heavily on the capabilities tech has to offer, it’s important to be confident that a website can capture and engage with an increasingly tech-savvy audience.

Website content is set to be ever more important, with a focus on writing for people, not search engines. And unsurprisingly, smallbusiness.co.uk highlights that social media will play a large part in repurposing and distributing content, which will require even more synergy across all marketing channels.

And from crowdfunding to image-based social media, James Caan (soon to be OBE) has shared his thoughts on what 2015’s focus might be for small and medium sized businesses.


Whatever 2015 has in store, we wish you all the best for the year to come. May it be one of business growth and success.  


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