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on Mon 20 Oct

The internet is getting smaller

According to Google 61% of smartphone users search the internet everyday on their mobiles and 57% search for local information at least once a week. What does this means for local businesses spending money on print advertising?

If you search for information about a local company on your smartphone already you probably know there are 3 types of website:

  • Ones that don’t work
  • Ones that look really tiny and make you have to zoom in to read them
  • Ones that resize themselves to fit nicely on your small screen.

When you’re looking for answers quickly which one are you most likely to read?

Supporting local can be hard

It’s all very well trying to support local business, but it gets harder when large companies have invested in making their websites so easy to use on a mobile. The irony here is that the big companies work better when they are smaller than small companies do. The frustrating fact is that it needn’t be this way, ANY local business can have a website that works well on mobiles and tablets for that matter.

It’s not rocket science it’s responsive design

Responsive design is a way of creating websites so they respond and adapt to the screen size they are being viewed on. Sadly even with so many online tools and web designers to choose from, millions of websites being made still don’t do this, as a consumer this is painful as a business owner it is disastrous. They don’t have the patience to pinch, scroll and flail about - you lose a potential customer.

But that’s why you advertise in magazines

Magazines are a great way to promote your local business. However, there is no escape from the smartphone, over 60% of the UK own one and 31% of them are prompted to make a search by a magazine advert at least once a month. Many people reading magazines with your advert featured will be following up ads they are interested in by searching websites on their smartphones only to end up squinting at illegible text.

Where to get mobile ready local business websites

If you own a local business or you want to point your favourite ones in the right direction, Winchester based Smart Little Web Co create fully responsive and mobile ready websites for local businesses. Contact us for more information or claim your free taster website to see for yourself

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