Converting visitors - it's all about Trust

on Fri 12 Jun

Traffic to a website is the number one goal for most website owners. We’re not arguing this isn’t important - not only have we written blogs on SEO but we also include in-built SEO functionality for all websites built on the Smart Little Web platform. But what happens when someone arrives on your site? How do you make the best impression for them to not only stay but to potentially convert into a customer? Well, it starts with trust…


Yup, trust is the key ingredient for success.

When we visit sites we’re actually programmed to look for reasons not to trust them. The world wide web is saturated with websites for all business types. People have become fatigued and even sceptical.

When the business is being presented online it can be difficult to feel reassured that the business is viable, the team is real, and the products or services are right for us in the same way as when visiting a bricks-and-mortar business. So with this in mind, it’s really important to engender trust as quickly as possible.


Building online trust

Firstly, your site needs to look professional. This isn’t actually just about using a nice design template.

Please don’t go mad with font sizes and colours. Keep it simple. Two or three maximum should do it. Too many and it can become confusing and look cheap.

Part of professionalism is also reassurance that you’re here to stay. Mention how long you've been in business and something as simple as a landline telephone number can also help.

For those running a mobile business and therefore a landline just isn't relevant, there are many services available now where you can buy a landline number which will divert to a mobile. It’s at least worth considering.


Images can make or break a website.

Ensure all images are high-resolution and tell the story of your business, or the industry that you’re in as quickly and as clearly as possible.

Include pictures of any team members and if you provide services within a bricks-and-mortar business show the environment that your customers can expect when they come to visit you.


Credibility is huge for trust.

Customer testimonials and badges of affiliations and/or reviews can speak 1000 words. Third party endorsement is possibly the biggest advocate for trust. And if you’ve been lucky enough to gain media coverage, include links in your about us page.

Ultimately, it’s always worth taking a step back and thinking ‘what do I do when looking for a company?’ and then apply the same filters when viewing your site. And speak to us - we’re passionate about helping your business have a professional and successful website and are happy to guide as much as required.


Thanks for reading!


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