Changes to Google+ and Facebook news

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on Fri 31 Jul

What’s hit the news this week? Well, Google+ and Facebook have been highlighted in one or two articles…


There are apparently important changes coming to Google+. According to the official blog, the months to come will see that only a Google Account (rather than a Google+ profile) will be needed to share content and more across Google. Google+ will then be more focused as a place to engage around shared interests with others.

In a similar vein, YouTube (owned by Google) also shared news about changes to come. The way conversations will be tracked (no longer on Google+) and ranked, and that a YouTube channel can be created without a Google+ account were included.


On to Facebook, with a great statistic: it's now used by half of the world's population. That’s an amazing number - not half of those in the digital world, but literally half of the world! For those with clients who understand the importance of integration across social media channels, it’s good to know that our platform fully integrates with Facebook.

And when it comes to Facebook advertising, it was great to come across this helpful gallery of ad examples.


That’s it for now!


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