A blog for a local business NOT a local business for a blog

on Wed 30 Jul

After 2 year's in the making why would a blog be one of the last core features we add to the Smart Little Web Platform? With content marketing so important, why would we not start with a blog and then do the other stuff?

When we started this whole venture we looked at Wordpress to see if it met the needs of a local business trying to build a website. It didn't do very well. Mostly because it is a blogging platform you can bend to make work for a business website. So we set about tackling things from the opposite direction.

We started out creating a platform specifically to allow smaller, independent and local businesses to create attractive and effective websites. For many businesses like this a blog probably won't feature in the list of things they have the time to do and having clear messaging with good "call to actions" would be more important.

So we put blog way down the roadmap. In the end it took less than a fortnight to add the first version of the blog feature. It's very simple and it's supposed to be. If you want an all singing all dancing blog because you're a blogger, then there are some amazing blog platforms including wordpress. If you're a local business who wants more custom from their website, then a blog can help this along with all the other important ingredients of an attractive and effective website.

If you decide a blog is for you, here's 3 top tips to make sure it works:

  • Update it regularly. Once a week or once a month - whatever works best for you. There's nothing worse than a blog with ancient posts!
  • Write for a small audience. Picture your perfect blog reader, maybe it's a potential customer, what would they like to read?
  • Think about search. With your perfect blog reader in mind, think about what sorts of phrases they'll be typing into google and make sure you use those phrases in your post. One phrase per post.

The blog feature comes as standard on out Smart Plus and Smart Pro plans. For more information see all our plans

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