3 more customisation features you might not have discovered yet

on Mon 22 Feb

You probably already know that the Smart Little CMS is chocked full of features to help you create and customise unique websites for your clients. So here's a few you might not have already discovered, to help you add variety to your portfolio and jazz up your websites just that little bit more.

Image filters: colour and shape

Circular images

Did you know you can change the shape of your images to be circular? Mixing up the shape of your images creates a professional, memorable looking website. If you find you tend to build a lot of client websites that end up looking samey, adding circular images to some or all pages can really add variety to your portfolio.


Image filters

In the same place that you can choose to use circular images, you can also apply image filters such as black & white or blur.



How to change all of the images on a page at once:

To change all of the images on an entire page: head over to your chosen page > page image options > section > section image shape/filter > choose your image preference.


How to change just one image:

To change just one image to be circular: go to your chosen image > advanced image options > image shape/filter > choose your image preference.


Transforming links into styled buttons

Just like customising the appearance of your images, you can also customise the way your hyperlinks look. Although sometimes a simple text hyperlink does work best, if you really want to draw attention to another page within a block of text, for example your Facebook or other link, you can always choose the link to appear as a button.


How to do it:

First, go to the text area that you want to insert a button. Type the text you want to appear on the button, highlight it and click the ‘link’ icon.

Next, fill out the the required fields to specify where you want the button to hyperlink to.

You can choose target > new window, if you want the hyperlink to open in a new browser window.

Next, choose ‘Class’, this is where you specify which type of button you want your link to look like. You can see an example of each button style in the screenshot above, but remember your button will appear in your chosen font and colour palette. You can change these in the design editor.



Section layouts: displaying customer quotes

Finally, did you know you could display your client’s customer reviews as rotating quotes? You can choose to display just one, or choose to show up to twelve at time in evenly spaced columns.

How to do it:

You can add your client’s customer quotes to any page you like, but in most cases they’re best suited to the homepage so we’ll use that page for the the example.

1. Go to the homepage. Click the button ‘add custom section’. Name your section and add any general text about the quotes you’re going to display. The general information will appear above the quotes.



2.For each customer quote, choose ‘add a sub-section’. Name each sub-section the name of your customer or reviewee, then write their quote into the larger text box.



3.Once you have added all of your quotes, you just need to choose how to display them. From the ‘section style’ drop-down, choose either single quote or multiple.



4. If you choose multiple, you can control how many quotes are displayed at once by clicking ‘section options’.




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