3 essential tips for building your first client site with Smart Little Web CMS

on Tue 8 Mar

Building websites for the first time, possibly never having done it before, can seem like a difficult task to swallow. But what you’ve got to remember is that, with the Smart Little CMS, there is actually no building involved - only you, putting your ideas to paper (kind of), and using your great copy to help market your clients online.

If you know what your client wants to say, you can quite easily build a professional looking website using the CMS.

The first project will always the daunting one, no matter which way you slice it, so I’ve put together my top 3 tips for creating your very first client website.

Pre-build organisation

Your are the copywriting messiah, you know just what to say & how to get your client’s message across best. So before you start, discuss with your client what they know best - their business. Write down what services they offer, what their rates are and how they position themselves to customers. Structure all this information under the website pages you will want to create. See the example below for some useful questions to ask your client.

Click here to see an example.

Original imagery

A website is made approximately one-thousand-million times better with high quality, original imagery (fact). So if your client has any of themselves (perhaps for an ‘about us’ page), their products or their outlet, definitely consider asking for these before you begin.

If your client is lacking some imagery which can, unfortunately, quite often be the case, you can still choose from our rather large, rather dashing stock imagery library - growing by the day! (Need more free stock images, check out our recommended website pexels.com)

Dazzling reviews

The Smart Little CMS and its features are optimised solely for the needs of small businesses, so of course we had to incorporate a snazzy little feature to display customer reviews.

Consult your client on where they collect their reviews (most of the time it’s Google and/or Facebook), select a few of the best and add them to appear as quotes on your website. If you’re unsure how to add them as quotes, just click here.

Have I missed anything? If there's anything you're stuck on feel free to ping us an email or call us - 01962 60044!

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