2015 digital marketing predictions in numbers

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on Fri 16 Jan

2015 digital marketing predictions in numbers 

We don’t have the complete list of numbers one to fifteen, but we don’t think this is a bad starter for ten. (see what we did there?)


1. Have you made enough of the 2014 predicted digital and marketing trends? Perhaps number one of this list should be a quick rewind of the clock to see how well last year’s predictions turned out – and (hopefully) be able to nod sagely and say to oneself, ‘yes, I took advantage of that..’


2. Number two comes directly from Smart Little Web. Make sure that your website is built using responsive web design so that it looks great and is effective across any device, and that it can integrate with all your social media channels with ease. Engagement with customers across multiple channels and devices are our two top tips for success in 2015.


3. The audience is in charge when it comes to content marketing, so these top three strategy tips are really quite useful for the year ahead.


4. Ssssh! We couldn’t find an article for this one.


5. Keeping an eye on mobile marketing trends is increasingly important as more and more internet browsers move from the PC platform to mobile devices. Here are five key mobile marketing trends to look out for in 2015.


6. Reading through the 2015 marketing predictions of six brand experts, we’re looking forward to the seeing the expected increased use of video and enhanced customer experience.


7. Seven tips for upping your social media game in 2015 includes everything from mastering your camera to sharing at least one post a day. How many can you tick off?


8. Want some great ideas for spicing up your email content? Well, here are eight of them. We like the idea of sharing a bit of company history and knowing it's OK to repurpose content from other channels. 


9. A round-up of nine best social media and content marketing tips. Images on Twitter and hitting multiple time-zones are two of the simple ideas shared in this article, which also includes great visual guides on how to carry them out.


10. From Facebook wanting to be the new YouTube to video campaigns becoming a must-have for effective marketing, this article packs in a number of predictions. Apparently, social video is set to be big in 2015 with these ten trends to prove it. It’s set to be the biggest challenge for the ad industry in 2015.


15. Great infographic from Bell Pottinger on 15 key marketing trends for 2015. Interesting to see that mobile internet browsing has shot up 69%. It really is so important to make sure you’re reaching audiences appropriately and effectively across multiple devices.


And that's it for now - though please do share with us any of the great predictions and trends you've come across if we've not included them. Have a great weekend!



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