7 simple steps to your first client website

Creating your first client website will be much easier than you might expect. Once you have your free account setup you’ll be able to follow these steps to get you up and running. If you’ve got any worries or concerns then just call us and don’t forget you can create as many mockups as you like, so you can create some just to play about with.

Your first website

If you've never created a website for a client before, the whole thing can seem a bit overwhelming. That's why we give you all the support you need, so you can have the confidence to propose to your prospect. We really don't expect you to be a tech whizz, so you can be confident that your end result will look amazing and your client will be thrilled.

We've broken down the whole thing into seven simple steps so you can see for yourself.

Start with a call

Call us whenever you have a client project to discuss. We’re here to help and we don’t expect you to be a tech whizz, so you can ask anything and we’ll always do our very best to answer it in a way that you can easily understand.

Mock-up time

Create a quick mockup and share with your client. It really only takes 5 minutes to create a beautiful and professional mockup. You can spend just a few minutes customising it so you client really

Land your client

Send over your proposal including the website creation. You have access to example website proposal documents and even a quote calculator to help you get it right. If you have any queries on this just give us a call and we’ll happily chat through things with you.

Write your copy

Build their site, concentrate on great copy and let the platform deal with the design. If you need any help you can just use live chat or we can even organise a screen-share session to show you what needs to be done.

Activate your client

When you are ready, activate your client’s website account so they can pay for their hosting plan. They pay Smart Little Web directly for either a monthly or annual plan.

Domain connect

We deal with your client directly to sort out their domain and ongoing with anything technical they need help with


Hooray, your client’s website is now live!

Peace of mind

We know when you create your very first client website you may be worried that the end result just won’t be quite what you’re after. If you’re in need of some reassurance you can choose to pay for a “Peace of Mind” check. It means our in-house team will make sure everything is as it should be, from any widget or mailing list integrations through to the design looking and feeling professional. Think of it as a security blanket so you can be confident in quoting for a job.

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